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We are open to all K-12 students who are in foster care, have been discharged, or are receiving preventative services. 

Why become a student?

When learning happens among peers, kids are much likelier to be receptive and retain information. Kids feel like they're being heard, instead of spoken down to. Achillea aims to form positive interpersonal relationships between our tutors and students.

Student Sign-up
Student working on a tablet


1) To receive academic support and gain a friend, fill out the Google Form below!

2) Schedule a phone call to confirm the student's interest. 

3) Please review the student handbook for some tips on creating a constructive learning session with your tutor!



"The tutor's work was single-handedly the reason why her student was able to pass her music class.

Both the student and Of Home, Family and Future are extremely grateful to the tutor and Achillea for their assistance."

Tanisha Brown, Executive Director at Of Home, Family, and Future

Have your own story to tell? Email us or complete the form here!

"I don't feel so judged when I feel like I should know something and I don't [when the tutor is a fellow student]. The tutoring becomes less professional and more friend-like, which I think is important for growth.

"The fact that Michelle [her tutor] was taking time out of her day to help motivated me to keep studying and not let her down. It's amazing what people can achieve when someone believes in them.

"It is also amazing that this program was started by a foster kid. Achillea hasn't only motivated me academically, but when I see teenagers like myself strive to do better, it reminds me of how much we are actually capable of.” 

Aiana, now a college student at Good Shepherd Services

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