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We are open to all high school students who are in good academic standing, enjoy working with kids, can commit at least five months, and are enthusiastic about making a difference!

Why Should I Tutor?

Flexible hours that work with your schedule.

Gain community service credit and volunteering experience.

Give back to your community, help those in need, and make a friend!

Why Tutor?


“I understand the struggle of not being able to understand a concept in school, despite trying your hardest. Sometimes, it can be extremely helpful to hear a different perspective of how to solve a problem that is different from the way you are being taught in school, and I would love to help provide that clarity to another student.” 

—  Alba

Tutor Motivation

Opening an Achillea chapter

1) View the requirements for opening a chapter at your high schools. 

3) Look through our chapter resources

in detail, and get started on our checklist.

2) If you are interested in opening a chapter, fill out this onboarding form.

4) Schedule a Calendly interview with the Chapters Director at Achillea.

Opening an Achillea chapter
Tutor Sign-Up


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