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Who We Are

Achillea is a national peer tutoring 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in New York City. Working closely with foster care agencies and tutoring nonprofits across the country, Achillea strives to help kids with experiences in the child welfare system across the country overcome adversity and enjoy their learning experience. By equipping students with a quality education, we encourage them to forge their own paths to success. 


Our model is built on one-on-one peer dynamics to ensure that each student feels their voice is being heard. Trained in trauma-informed pedagogy, our volunteers are well-equipped to tutor students of diverse backgrounds. Kids who are currently in foster care, discharged, or receiving preventative services, can sign up to be matched with a dedicated high school tutor. 


Every single child deserves access to an excellent education — it’s the pathway to success. Achillea affords kids this opportunity. 

The Story Behind Our Name


According to Greek legend, the Achillea flower was used during the Trojan War to heal Achilles’ wounded soldiers. Though small, it was resilient in the face of drought, wind, and heat. The Achillea flower is capable of the extraordinary. Achillea Peer Tutoring is named after this flower to help students who have experienced foster care recognize their extraordinary capabilities and achieve all that they can.




Bringing together students and tutors of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we cultivate meaningful relationships based on empathy and understanding. We recognize the challenges posed by learning in the face of adversity, and our tutors are trained to enforce trauma-informed principles in their teaching. Above all, we aim to create a safe space where students feel that they are heard.


The foundation of student-tutor relationships is based on mutual trust and understanding. Our goal is to empower students through peer dynamics to help build long-lasting friendships that go beyond tutoring sessions. Students are encouraged to create and shape their learning goals, give honest feedback, and be active participants in their education.


There is no single key to success; learning is a dynamic process that lasts through a lifetime and is cultivated through perseverance. At Achillea, we transform obstacles into opportunities for growth. We encourage students to strive, challenge, and overcome the boundaries of their capabilities. 


Education is not a luxury but a human right. Every youth is entitled to a free, high-quality education that caters to their needs. We understand the impact of trauma on our students’ learning, so we emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing the unique strengths and challenges of each individual student. 

Youth Activism

Achillea is run by students, for students. We believe that youth have the power and responsibility to transform their communities for the better. We foster a sense of social activism in our tutors, encouraging them to challenge the status quo and forge the way to a brighter future.

Central Pillars

Meet the Team:

We know the value of a good education is priceless, and are committed to helping each and every one of our extraordinary students achieve their best. Learn more about us:

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