Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I can’t reach my tutor?

Contact us by email at We will do our best to get in touch with your tutor and reassign you to a new tutor if necessary.

Am I eligible to recieve peer tutoring services with Achillea?

We provide peer tutoring services to all K-12 students who are in foster care, have been discharged from foster care, or are currently receiving preventative services.

How do I sign up for peer tutoring?

You can fill out our Student Intake application at, and we will do our best to match you with a tutor promptly. In the meanwhile, take a look at our Student Handbook (found in the Students section of our website along with the application) for some tips on how to contribute to a contructive learning experience!

I've signed up, but I still haven't received a match yet. What do I do?

Hang tight! It usually takes us about a week to set up matches, but sometimes it can take several weeks. We want to ensure that you are being matched with a tutor who best suits your needs.

Does Achillea accommodate students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

Yes, many of our students have an IEP, and our tutors are trained in teaching methods adapted to our students' diverse backgrounds and academic needs.

How much time can I spend with my tutor each week?

It is up to the student and tutor to determine their schedule and how often they will meet. You can spend as much time with your tutor as you desire as long as it is agreed to by both parties.

What is my tutor allowed to help me with?

Tutors will help you with the subjects you have indicated in your sign-up form. This could include homework, test preparation, corrections, and studying for assessments.

How will foster parents be kept in the loop about tutoring sessions?

  1. Foster parents will be able to keep informed about their student’s academic progress by viewing the monthly progress reports tutors will submit to their foster care agency.
  2. Foster parents are also free to communicate with tutors on student progress at any time they wish.
  3. Tutors will contact the foster parents and/or foster care agency if the student's attendance is spotty, or if any other issues arise.


How do I get my community service hours approved?

  1. Check with your high school’s policy for community service credit approval.
  2. List your student’s foster care agency as the organization with which you are volunteering. Your hours may not be approved if you list Achillea because by some school policies, your volunteer work must be done under a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We do not have federal nonprofit status; the agency does.
  3. List your student's Educational Specialist as the point of contact for your community service credit approval. They will help you verify your hours. The Educational Specialist's contact information is provided in the email from Achillea matching you with your student.
  4. Make sure to submit your monthly progress reports! If you do not, your hours may get backlogged. Progress Report Templates can be found in the Tutor Resources section on our website.

What do I do if I can’t reach my student?

Contact your student’s case planner, foster parent, and educational specialist. Make sure to follow up! Sometimes an email can get lost in the mix. If the issue persists, you may reach out to Achillea staff for help. If your student would like to withdraw from the program, we will reassign you to a new student.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

We ask that tutors are able to tutor for at least five consecutive months. If this is no longer possible, please give us at least three weeks’ notice so that we are able to find a replacement for your student.

I am a tutor who just received a match. What do I do now?

  1. Confirm with your student and their case planner, foster parent (if applicable), and educational specialist their preferred method of contact.
  2. Then set up an introductory meeting with your student to discuss logistics, including the content, frequency, and duration of tutoring sessions. Play some ice breakers to get to know one another better!

Can I request a new student?

We avoid assigning new tutors to students once matched to provide social and academic consistency. However, you may request a new student if you feel your reason for doing so is serious enough by emailing us at

How do I become an Achillea tutor?

  1. Submit your application on our webite ( As part of your application, you will need to submit a PDF of your most recent report card.
  2. Review the Tutor Resources on our website for at least an hour. Then take the Tutor Training Assessment ( to evaluate what you have learned. If you score 8/10 questions correctly, we will look into your application.

My question isn’t listed here. How can I learn more about Achillea?

If you are a tutor, please browse the Tutor Resources documents on our website. For further inquiries, please email us at

What happens during the lessons? Does Achillea provide any teaching materials?

Tutors are responsible for leading each session, so we have provided some resources and activity ideas for you in the Teaching Tips PowerPoint and Teaching Resources folder. We have also included icebreakers and games to play with your student to get to know each other first. You can choose the activities that work best for you and your student, but you can always ask your student to make suggestions and requests for what to focus on!

I recieved a message on the Tutor Sign-Up form saying "Data Loss Prevention is Turned On." How can I fix this?

DLP is a setting enabled by your admin to prevent the sharing of sensitive content outside your organization. Try signing up with your personal email instead.


Is Achillea a 501c(3) nonprofit?

We are in the process of becoming a federal nonprofit organization. We partner with foster care nonprofits, and are currently under a fiscal sponsorship with the New York Foundling.

How do matches work?

We create matches based on availability and grade level, minimizing the age gap whenever possible. We vet our tutors based on their grades, interview, and training performance.

How long do tutoring sessions last?

We ask that individual tutoring sessions last no longer than an hour to prevent tutor and student learning fatigue. If the student requests a more substantial time commitment per week, we will assign them to an additional tutor, and tutors will hold multiple sessions throughout the week.

What is the time commitment per week?

Whether you’re a student or a tutor, the time commitment is however much you are willing to put in. We will create a match for you based on your schedule and needs.

Do I need to keep my camera on for tutoring sessions? Can I just use audio?

We would prefer cameras be on as often as possible to keep the lesson engaging. However, technical and personal issues are always understandable. Please communicate with your peer if you are facing any difficulties.

How do I contact Achillea?

  1. For questions regarding tutoring, matches, and related subjects, email
  2. For media inquiries, email
  3. If you are an agency or organization, email
  4. For general inquiries, email

I am a foster care agency. How do I partner with Achillea?

Email us at Please also provide the contact information of an Educational Specialist who can verify the community service hours of all tutors matached with students from your agency.

I am a nonprofit tutoring agency. How do I partner with Achillea?

Please email us at