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Meet Our Team:

At Achillea, we believe that youth, though often overlooked, have the power and drive to create real change. In fact, Achillea was originally founded as a small NYC Hunter College High School club in October 2019 with only 5 members. Since then, it has grown into a national entity, connecting students and tutors from across the country. The work of these individuals, and countless talented volunteers, stand as a testament to what youth are capable of. 

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Sarah Malik

CEO and Founder

Sarah is the CEO and Founder of Achillea and serves on the Fair Futures Youth Advisory Board. A current student at Boston University pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Film and Television, she founded Achillea in her freshman year of high school. She is a strong advocate for child welfare and youth entrepreneurship. During her free time, Sarah likes to write screenplays, crochet, and sing off-key. 

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Rudy Joseph

Tutor Manager

Rudy is a current student at Boston University pursuing his B.S. in Education & Human Development. Within the field, he specializes in Educational Design for Transformative Social Futures and in Youth Development & Justice. He is a first-generation student working to benefit the immigrant community through critical positionality within design and restorative justice practices.

Board of Directors

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