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Our Mission

To empower youth nationwide to persevere through their challenges and forge their own paths to success.


Achillea is now in 30 states!

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Kids in the foster care system


Will get a high school diploma or GED


Source: BEST Kids


Will complete a 4-year college


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Are you in need of academic support? Do you want to meet a new friend? If so, sign up to be a student with Achillea!


We provide students with help in all academic subjects. Achillea pairs students with tutors who can meet their availability and speak their preferred language. Whether you want to improve your grades or need help catching up at a new school, Achillea is open to all students who are in foster care, have been discharged, or are receiving preventive services.

Want to help?

Are you a high school student looking to make a real impact? Do you need community service hours? If so, sign up to be a tutor with Achillea or set up a club chapter at your school! 


Tutors are matched with students in need of academic support who have either experienced foster care or are at risk of entering the system. We look for tutors who are passionate about making a difference and are in good academic standing with their schools. Our tutors are not just tutors—they are also mentors, peers, and above all, friends. 

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